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Find out more about the PENCIL Foundation's programs by clicking on the program name at the left and watch our informational video below. 

PENCIL Partners
—local businesses, civic organizations, and faith communities who partner with and volunteer in Nashville public schools

LP PENCIL Box—Nashville's school supply partnership providing donated materials for teachers and students

Math Partners—volunteers working with elementary and middle school students to increase their understanding and enjoyment of mathematics

Reading Partners—volunteers working with elementary and middle school students to inspire in them a love of reading and help them gain key reading skills

Saint Thomas Capstone Mentor Program—hands-on, hospital-based learning sessions for selected high school sophomores

JTG Capstone—a program for high school students providing them academic support, job readiness instruction, adult mentoring and leadership opportunities

Nashville After Zone Alliance — network of afterschool program providers in Metro middle schools

PENCIL Academic & Career Enrichment  — under the Nashville After Zone Alliance (NAZA), an afterschool program providing middle school students a safe nuturing environment where they work on their study skills, get academic assistance, leadership development and explore STEM careers.  

Financial Literacy
—a program that teaches smart money management skills to young adults

College-Career Mentors—Pairing adults with 3-5 9th grade students to explore post-secondary options,  possible career paths and the importance of preparing for their future while in high school.

Family Resource Centers—builds a support system for every student to thrive by linking community organizations, school personnel, and families together to help remove barriers that may hinder academic success and productive adulthood.